Mobile Marketing

Earlier this week I came across this article in AdWeek:

It will be interesting to see how this changes the way marketing is done. Certainly it will continue morphing the way advertising connects with its consumers. We have seen the emergence of marketing on the internet, with ads now found on social media sites, online video sites such as YouTube and Hulu, and the ever-irritaing spam emails. With the creation of smart phones, Google has helped marketers find a way to not only reach possible consumers, but target them based on their current location. Sure, this happens in many forms of traditional advertising, but it adds further interaction for consumers.

Think of a small coffee shop in an emerging area of Chicago. Imagine a businessman is in the area for a meeting, but needs to go over his presentation and is suffering from lack of sleep. Unfamiliar with the area, he pulls out his phone and discovers an ad for your coffee shop, announcing free wi-fi, great coffee, and a secluded location. Rather than stop at a Starbucks down the road, which has a line out the door, he walks a few blocks away from the hustle and discovers your coffee shop, which was just what he was looking for.

Changing the ways of marketing? I think so.