Digital News- Pinterest Adds easy way to edit your Home Feed

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. It’s been a few weeks, but I’ve been taking some time off after the big move to Chicago! It’s been great thus far (still not home), but that’s no excuse for not staying up to date in the digital world. Luckily, I am ready to go strong again.

This week, Pinterest released a new feature that allows users to easily update what appears in their home feed. Why the need?For many users, it’s easy to forget what boards you follow, hard to find who you WANT to unfollow, and difficult to get suggestions of who to follow.

Pinterest solves all of this with their latest home feed refresh. From a new menu on the left-hand side of the homepage, users can select “Edit your home feed”.

Pinterest now offers users the option to easily edit what appears in their home feed - Bryan Nagy

Pinterest now offers users the option to easily edit what appears in their home feed – Bryan Nagy

From the resulting page, users can either follow new boards or unfollow old ones.

Pinterest News Feed Edit Bryan Nagy

When users choose to follow new boards, three  types of results populate in different sections. The first one displays boards that are popular and similar to boards the user already follows. Think of this as where users with lots of followers might be displayed (and possibly where brands can purchase ad space in the future). The second results are from friends. These are boards a user does not yet follow, but are owned by someone who has a board the user already follows. Finally, the third section displays the main categories offered by Pinterest (such as Art, DIY & Crafts, and Food & Drinks).

When users choose to unfollow old boards, Pinterest displays the boards the user has repinned least from. This easily allows the user to unfollow boards they are no longer interested in. I’m unsure what the exact threshold is, but it might be wise to recheck each of these boards before unfollowing in case you suddenly realize the content in these boards actually is appealing to you.

The result of the Pinterest home feed update? An easier way for users to manage content, which is something many social media networks desperately need. It’s quite easy for sites such as Pinterest to provide a sense of “information overload”, so any means to better organize and edit content is a win for users. Today, take some time to edit the content you’re seeing on Pinterest. The end result will be in your favor.

-Bryan Nagy