Burberry uses Twitter and Pinterest to Debut New Collection

Burberry is quickly becoming a great example of a brand using social media well. This week, in connection with London’s fashion week, Burberry released previews of its new collection via animated gifs on Twitter before models even walked down the runways in it. (Images can be viewed on Burberry’s Twitter profile here.) The move follows its strong presence on the social media tool, posting interesting and relevant content to their followers and not just the typical “Check out our new collection” or “Buy from us” tweets many brands seem to think resonate with their audiences. Interactions with Burberry skyrocketed on these tweets, all receiving so many retweets and “favorites” that I wasn’t even able to discern how many! This definitely proves Twitter’s great use for releasing new content and products, and that Twitter users are eager for this content.

The big name brand also released its looks on its new Pinterest page, which can be visited by clicking here. The brand’s Pinterest page includes season looks by brand (yes, there are several brands by Burberry), a look at Burberry campaigns, pictures of celebrities wearing Burberry, and covers of magazines that Burberry has been a part of. Its Pinterest photos have already received many likes and repins, and I’m sure that as the brand gets more established on this new social network, we’ll see even more interactions.

What can we learn from Burberry?

  • Twitter is a great way to promote new products. We can all do this on a smaller scale. If we have a new product, new idea, or new launch, promote it. Create buzz. Develop a conversation with followers.
  • Twitter users want exclusive content. Don’t give them what they can get elsewhere. Ford is another example of a company doing this, even releasing new products on social media before launching them to the general public’s eye.
  • Pinterest is the place to be. Play around with it and create a profile. See how it might fit into your life or business. Remember, this is its infancy stage, and being able to experience the tool from the start will make you the thought leader and everyone else a follower. You always need to be one step ahead of everyone else.

-Bryan Nagy