Forget Pinterest and Gentlement- Dartitup is for the “bros”

Pinterest was for women.

Gentlement was for men (but let’s admit it- it’s a little nerdy and a bit too “vintage” for the average guy)

Drum roll please- now announcing Dartitup, the latest online photo sharing social media site to attempt reaching the online user Pinterest isn’t reaching- men.

Daritup is “a place to share and find cool things from all across the web. As soon as you begin the sign-up process, you realize that Daritup really is the cool men’s Pinterest. Guys (and girls I guess!) are asked to take the “Bro Compatibility Test”.

The Dartitup Bro Compatibility Test asks you what skills and accomplishments best identify with you. The choice are pretty hilarious and really resonate with the key male target.

Once the sign-up is done, you’ll get to see the posts of all of those who answer the question the same as you. You can unfollow these people at any time, but it’s a great way for you to get content and see cool things.

The majority of the content on Dartitup is all guy-oriented, so if it relates to electronics, sports, technology, scantily-clad women, or humorous photos, it’s likely already on Dartitup.

The overall use of Dartitup is the same as Pinterest or Gentlemint. Users can upload or select images from the web and share them with their followers. However, Dartitup keeps things real and realizes that guys don’t want to pin something to a board. No, guys want to dart their photos to a dartboard- Dartitup’s solution to being guy-friendly.

The site does offer some pretty neat activities that Pinterest and Gentlement don’t, and I really think they make Dartitup more social.

Besides sharing photos with their followers, guys can participate in challenges and debates. Some of the challenges on Dartitup right now include things like  “The Ugliest Jersey Ever” and  “Life or Death” – things that guys could never live without.

Guys can also take part in Debates, where they post photos of who they think best fits the category. Right now the debates running are the “Top 10 NBA Players of All Time” and the “Top 10 Badass Actors”

Dartitup offers guys a great place to hangout and share photos of things they actually want to see (lets face it- most guys don’t want to see women’s clothing or crafts in their feeds) and keeps things cool and modern (unlike the vintage-inspried Gentlemint). I really think that if any photo sharing social media site can make it work with guys, it’s this one. So check it out and become one of the guys. It’s probably too soon for businesses to get involved, but create a personal profile so you can start getting used to the functionalities. Dartitup isn’t just the Pinterest for men, it’s the Pinterest for guys.

-Bryan Nagy