Great thoughts on the hashtag #NikeLetter

Social Media is the New Pink

Recently, Nike is making headlines on Twitter.  And it’s not just for their amazing Olympic commercial, it’s for a personal project kickstarted by Matthew Walzer  in his emotional letter to Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker.   Walzer, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, is asking Nike to make a shoe geared for specific needs.   Cerebral palsy, known to stiffen muscles, makes it difficult for people like Walzer to tie his shoes by himself.   So, he relies on his parents to do it for him.   His dream is to attend a college of his choice and not need to ask his roommate to tie his shoes for him.

So, Walzer turns to the internet to publicize his letter to Nike.  He writes  hoping to convince their CEO to create a shoe geared to the needs to people with cerebral palsy and other physical challenges.

And of course, the Twitter-sphere is responding in full…

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