NIVEA Launches Interactive Facebook Campaign

NIVEA is the latest brand to explore the many capabilities of Facebook. The brand has launched an integrated marketing campaign on the social networking site, using a Facebook app and Facebook ads as key components of a design contest. Users can log on to the Facebook app via the NIVEA Facebook app, where they enter a contest to design a NIVEA lip balm tube.

The Facebook app enables users to change the colors and add shapes, lines, symbols, and drawings onto a blank NIVEA lip balm tube. Once a user to happy with their design, they can enter it into the contest. The designs are then voted on by visitors to the app, and the winner of the contest will see their tube design used for NIVEA lip balm in the future.

To help drive traffic to the app, NIVEA purchased ads on Facebook. This is a great way to get people who are already in the Facebook interface to seamlessly enter the app, lessening the chance of fallout that other brands see when driving traffic to Facebook apps via outside sources.

Check out the app here.

– Bryan Nagy