Pinterest Surveys Business Users

Pinterest launched business profiles just a few months ago, and it appears the social media site is ready to see if users are actually using them.

Last week owners of these profiles received a very simple (and surprisingly image-free) email from Pinterest. Within the email, Pinterest let these users know they were interested in learning about their usage and experience with the social network.  The email contained a link to a very short (emphasis on short) survey.

When first opening the email, it seemed the survey was going to be lengthy to give Pinterest insight into what businesses wanted from the social network. Instead, business owners were taken to a one question survey asking them what social and/or digital marketing tactics they were using for their business. Included in the options were sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google search. Of course, Pinterest was included as well. After submitting their answers respondents were thanked for their time.


The email business profile owners received from Pinterest.

The survey was quite disappointing from a marketing standpoint. Pinterest had the option to learn a vast deal of information from business owners about what they actually want. The social network could have discovered if they should offer special profiles, flexibility to change profile layouts, advertising opportunities, or ways for business pins to display more prominently on the homepage. Instead, the survey fell short. It wasn’t actually there to help businesses.

In the interest of brand adoption and future advertising sales revenues, Pinterest needs to learn more about what businsses want- from businesses themselves. That being said, at least Pinterest is showing it is interested in increasing its presence in marketing efforts by businesses. It just has a little more to learn from them.

– Bryan Nagy