Digital News: Sponsored Post Captured on LinkedIn

In February, LinkedIn announced an addition to their advertising offering- Sponsored Posts. The posts are similar to ad products on other social networks, like newsfeed sponsored stories on Facebook or promoted tweets on Twitter. Brands select status updates from their LinkedIn company pages, which in turn become promoted in a select group of users on LinkedIn.

The offer differs greatly from other ad units LinkedIn offers, which primarily include standard banner ads and plain text/image ads on the side of the site. Many brands have traditionally seen poor performance on LinkedIn.

The posts were set to launch to users in the spring after a test phase, and it looks like they have started rolling out. I was lucky enough to snag a snapshot of a promoted post in my newsfeed on LinkedIn:


Though they don’t stand out quite well, the posts are a welcome addition for many business-focused brands hoping to target the professional market. I’m sure that in the future we’ll see many brands hop on these posts, and time will tell if LinkedIn spruces these ads up a bit to provide them better visibility.

-Bryan Nagy