Ad of the Week: Nissan Self-Healing Paint

The Ad
The ad is for Nissan’s new self-healing paint, a first in the auto industry. Nissan wanted to find a unique way to showcase this unique product, and that it did. The ad ran in the Economist’s iPad app. As readers swiped through the pages of the magazine, the full screen ad displayed a typical car advertisment- solo car photograph with Nissan brand logo in the corner. However, when users swiped their fingers across the car, the car became scratched in those very places. After a few seconds, the scratches disappeared.

The Nissan iPad advertisement is below:

Why I Love the Ad

The Nissan self-healing paint ad is a prime example of what advertisers can do (and should do) on tablets. With so many ways of engaging with consumers from its touch screen, tablets are the wave of the future for companies. Their increased means of user engagement will help drive brand awareness, favorability, and (eventually) sales. What was a cool product (self-healing paint) becomes all that much cooler when users interact with it on their tablet screens.

-Bryan Nagy