Digital News: Pinterest Releases Father’s Day Board

Hot off the trail of their announcement of “rich pins”, Pinterest released yet another (likely) paid marketing today. In preparation for June 16th, Pinterest launched their official Father’s Day board. The board features pins of various products Pinterests believes we should all purchase for our dads on Father’s day.

Why it’s News

Similar to their special holiday board last year (the 30 days of Pinspiration), the Pinterest Father’s Day board displays purchasable products from select online retailers.  The retailers include names like Urban Outfitters, Target, Sony, Nordstrom, Sephora, and REI.  While the board gives Pinterest users gift ideas for Father’s Day, it also was created with brands in mind. All products featured were likely chosen based on marketing dollars provided by the retailers. In return for this paid media, the retailers hope users will spot products they want to purchase, or even repin the products to their Pinterest boards, where their followers decide to purchase the products.

This makes the board a bit more interesting from a marketing standpoint, as it’s yet another quite means for Pinterest to help brands gain more exposure on the site. Pinterest still has a way to go on their marketing offers, but at least this is a start. We can only hope that Pinterest soon offers a homepage redesign that displays promoted pins, helping to create value for both businesses and consumers.


The Pinterest Father's Day board - Bryan Nagy

The Pinterest Father’s Day board – Bryan Nagy

– Bryan Nagy