Ad of the Week: Designed by Apple in California

The Ad
The “Designed by Apple in California” ad was released by Apple a few weeks ago after their announcement of new products and iOS7 at the WWDC 2013 keynote address. The ad tells the story of Apple products- what they have done around the world, how they have change our lives, and what the company stands for.

The Designed by Apple in California ad is below:

Why I Love the Ad

I am a sucker for emotional ads, and this is one of them. As a consumer, you to step back really think about how much Apple has changed our lives. People around the world can connect with one another in ways never thought possible. For example, think of how easy it is to take memorable photographs of you and your significant other together at any moment. Consider the way you can share and talk with friends while on your way to work in public transportation. Think of how you can read books and watch crystal clear videos in bed on a lightweight device you can hold in one hand. Compare how we listen to music now versus fifteen years ago.

What has Apple done? They’ve brought us away from dealing with scratched CDs and lugging around binders full of music. They’ve completely changed the publishing industry and the way children learn to read. They’ve brought us all closer together in an almost addicting way. It truly is amazing to think of what Apple’s designs have done for the world.

From a marketing standpoint, this is a fantastic way for Apple to connect with those who think the company has lost its ways to competition like Google and Samsung. Thought it might not change what Apple does in the future, it does show everything Apple has accomplished in the past.

-Bryan Nagy