Businesses: Start your Holiday Marketing on Pinterest Now

Attention businesses everywhere: Halloween has ended, which means it is time to launch your holiday marketing on Pinterest. Businesses across the globe are already pinning their holiday content, driving user engagement and catching the consumer early on in their holiday shopping decision process. Make sure you don’t lose out- begin your holiday marketing plan on Pinterest now.

Holiday Marketing on Pinterest

What to Pin

Pin holiday content your target audience will find interesting. Does your audience like crafting and DIY projects? Pin content surrounding holiday crafts and ways to use things around the house to deck the halls. Do they like the outdoors? Post content around holiday getaways and sports liking skiing. You know your target audience.  Additionally, all businesses should create a “Gifts” board with photographs of you products and services, noting they would be a great gift for a loved one. If these products are available on your e-commerce site, make sure to link the pins directly to the products on your site, so users can easily click on the pin and purchase the product on your site.

Don’t go pin crazy. Make sure the content ties into your business and overall marketing message. Offer content centered around what your products and services can do for the consumer, while maintaining an inspirational message. Post similar content from Pinterest on Facebook, your website, and throughout your storefront. A tied-together marketing message across all communications channels is key for driving home the holiday message at your business.

When to Pin

Pin often, and pin early. You will want to get ahead of the other businesses hoping to take advantage of Pinterest for the holiday season. The longer your pin is available on Pinterest before the holidays, the more opportunity your pin has to get repined, liked, and shared with others. The end result is increased exposure for your businesses and the increased likelihood a user will go to your business for holiday shopping.