Facebook releases 10 tips to increase holiday sales

Facebook sent a nice email to business owners this week, providing a link with 10 tips and tricks to increase holiday sales using Facebook. The entire article can be found here, but I’ll sum up the tips below.

Plan Ahead

Make a clear plan for your holiday marketing. Think about your marketing message and what actions you want your audience to make. Will you have promotions? Contests? Are you looking for engagement  or sales? These items are need-to-know key elements of your holiday marketing plan.

Get Ready for Key Times

Ensure you’re reaching your audience at the key times, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Feel free to schedule your page posts for these times so you don’t have to take time out of your holiday celebrations to manage posts, and instead monitor engagement when you can log in.

Attract Last-Minute Shoppers

Increase posts and share specials daily right before the holidays. This will catch last-minute buyers who need a quick gift idea. Promote these posts to increase scale past your Page audience.

Use Photographs in your Posts

Photographs can tell a story, so make them an important part of your posts for the holiday. Use photographs to display your product offering, tell a holiday message, and support your customer service. Keep users engaged with photographs that they will find relevant, eye-catching, and actionable.

Announce a Re-Stock Alert

When stock of a certain product falls low, post about a restock of the product once more is available. Promote this message to users who may have been most likely to purchase the product using specific targeting options in Facebook ads.

Get Ads up Quickly for Approval

Make sure your ads don’t get disapproved for the 20% text rule. Get them set-up early to avoid a last-minute rush for creative approval.

Give Away Free Items

Have a giveaway to engage users and generate excitement for potential customers. Make it an interactive contest to drive engagement on your Facebook Page or website.

Use Custom Audiences

Use a customer database to create custom targetable audiences in Facebook Power Editor. For more information about custom audiences, click here.

Share Store Hours

Store hours often change during the holidays. Let customers know when you’ll be open each day so they aren’t surprised to find you’re closed early or miss out on late shoppers when you extend your hours.

Offer Free Shipping

Offer customers free shipping for the holidays to make it that much easier to purchase your product online.