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Oreo, Ford, and Bud Light show Super Bowl Social Media smarts #lightsout

Several brands proved Super Bowl Sunday that they truly get social media. Besides planning content days ahead of time, these brands and their agencies stayed on top of the latest happenings with the… Continue reading

It’s finally Happening (Almost) – Pinterest Launches Business Profiles

Pinterest gave signals this week that it’s working towards becoming more brand friendly. The up and coming social media site officially launched business profiles, finally responding to cries from marketers and small businesses… Continue reading

Goodyear Launches Confusing Publicity Stunt

When you think of exciting brands, it’s almost certain you won’t hear the name Goodyear come up in any discussion. The brand, around since the late 1800s, has always marketed itself as a… Continue reading

Preview of the Weekend

A lot has been going on in the marketing world! This weekend I’ll play catch up and cross off some items: 1. I’ll provide an update on how things went on my trip… Continue reading

Marketing Inspiration

This evening I was driving home in beautiful 75 degree weather, windows rolled down, music blaring, gorgeous sunset ahead. It’s moments like these that just give me so much marketing inspiration. It really… Continue reading

Gentlemint- the Pinterest for Men

Well, I feel like I am reliving Google+ days with all of these invite-only social sites, but after about two weeks of waiting to get invited to Gentlemint, my invitation finally came! Gentlement… Continue reading

A Preview of the Week Ahead

This week: – Facebook and it’s problem with big brand advertising – Twitter’s support for small businesses – Best practices and brands using Twitter – Big brand uses Twitter to release new products… Continue reading

Pinterest – What it is and Best Practices

Unless you’ve been away from the internet or not in contact with any woman, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Pinterest. Over the last few months, traffic has surged to the site, with January 2012… Continue reading

A Preview of the Week Ahead

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