It’s finally Happening (Almost) – Pinterest Launches Business Profiles

Pinterest gave signals this week that it’s working towards becoming more brand friendly. The up and coming social media site officially launched business profiles, finally responding to cries from marketers and small businesses alike that the site lacked resources for brands. The move also communicated to investors that the future of Pinterest may actually hold a revenue model. Currently the site primarily stays afloat with funds from venture capitalists.

With the announcement, businesses now have access to a new, specially dedicated section of Pinterest at This new section allows businesses to do a few things:

  • It allows business new to Pinterest to create a business profile.
  • It allows businesses with personal profiles currently on Pinterest to convert their profiles to business profiles.
  • It offers business resources, such as how to use Pinterest, tools provided by Pinterest, brand guidelines, and  examples of how businesses have used the site to market themselves.

Though exciting news, the new business profiles from Pinterest do not differ too much from personal profiles previously offered by Pinterest.  In fact, the only differences lie in the registration process. When setting up business profiles, companies are asked to provide a business name. Previously, companies had to list the business name as their first name, and then leave the last name blank. The new sign-up process also makes it easier for companies to verify their website, something that is now done when signing up rather than a changing their settings after creating their profile. Finally, and probably most importantly, it allows businesses to select their business type. Companies can choose from a selection of business types, including media, brand, online retailer, and professional. This is likely a sign users will be able to search for specific businesses through these business types in the future. It may even tie into upcoming advertising offerings.

While businesses profiles themselves are not very different from personal profiles, I would suggest businesses begin using them. I think we are finally seeing Pinterest realize they have to start turning into a business themselves. In the near future, I believe these business profiles will be essential for companies wishing to use any advertising offerings Pinterest releases. It also will likely become a way for users to find their favorite businesses on Pinterest. This will end up helping businesses drive profile visitors and followers. It’s only a matter of time until Pinterest ups its business offerings.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a Pinterest business profile, or convert your current Pinterest profile today.

-Bryan Nagy