Gentlemint- the Pinterest for Men

Well, I feel like I am reliving Google+ days with all of these invite-only social sites, but after about two weeks of waiting to get invited to Gentlemint, my invitation finally came!

Gentlement is the answer for men who are tired of seeing women’s clothing, cupcakes, and beauty ideas in their Pinterest feed. (No matter how hard I try- even just following certain boards of people, I still seem to get women-related photos!) The content on this manly site is much different than what you see on  Pinterest, but it still has that artsy/hipster feel to it. You’ll see a lot of nifty tools, lots of beer, vintage prints and photography, and even some mens clothing. But overall, the feel of the site is very different from Pinterest.

Seeing as I just got signed up a few hours ago, I’m going to play around with the site more to see what else I can find about it. I doubt that the site will really take off, but it’s great for us guys to have a place to call home. Gentlemint truly is the Pinterest for men.

-Bryan Nagy