Amazon Kindle Touch with Special Offers

I’ve been doing some research on eReaders, and I’ve finally decided to go with an Amazon Kindle Touch. Why you might ask?

1. The durability. The Kindle is cheap, durable, and not something I have to worry about breaking. It’s something I wouldn’t mind resting in bed with, and comes much closer to the warmth of a book than the iPad.

2. It’s different. I have a laptop, I have a phone, I have an iPod Touch. Adding an Amazon Kindle Fire or Sony Reader to the mix would just be too much of the same. At some point, it’s just too much, and I like that the Kindle Touch offers touch technology with an older feel that is more reminiscent of a print book. I want the ability to download cheap books, but I also still want to have that in-focus black and white reading. Adding movie, online browsing, and music capabilities just means I can get distracted from the device’s original purpose- to read a book.

3. I love the way the ads look. There’s just something newspaper-esque about a Kindle with Special Offers, and rather than take away from its appeal, I think it ads to it. Compare newspaper ads to online display ads. They’re much less distracting, blend in, and on the Kindle, the graphics look pretty decent.

So, I am joining the ranks and eagerly waiting for November 21st to arrive. I can’t wait to scope one out and see what it’s like in person!

Bryan Nagy