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How Billboards Can Draw Attention

While I focus myself primarily in the digital space, I can’t help but admire some great traditional media advertisers have put out. A few weeks ago a set of billboards drew nation-wide attention… Continue reading

Marketing Inspiration

This evening I was driving home in beautiful 75 degree weather, windows rolled down, music blaring, gorgeous sunset ahead. It’s moments like these that just give me so much marketing inspiration. It really… Continue reading

A Preview of the Week Ahead

This week: – Facebook and it’s problem with big brand advertising – Twitter’s support for small businesses – Best practices and brands using Twitter – Big brand uses Twitter to release new products… Continue reading

A Preview of the Week Ahead

Countdown to Super Bowl Ads – Preview

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the Super Bowl Ads premiering tonight. This one is Toyota’s  “Reinvented” 2012 Super Bowl commercial. Toyota Super Bowl Preview -Bryan Nagy

A Preview of the Week Ahead

Lets take a look at some of the exciting marketing things I’ll be pondering this week. First off, I’ll take a look at the reaction to the new JCPenney pricing and marketing strategy.… Continue reading

Apple Mini-Stores in Target?

Well, Apple is confirming rumors that it would be putting mini-stores in 25 Target locations. The move seems a bit out of Apple’s comfort zone after it had declined to put locations in… Continue reading

Sponsored Stories in Real-Time Ticker

Well, as reported by Mashable this morning, Facebook will now be posting Sponsored Stories ads in the real-time ticker. This is exciting news, as in my experience, Sponsored Stories perform much better than… Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Touch with Special Offers

I’ve been doing some research on eReaders, and I’ve finally decided to go with an Amazon Kindle Touch. Why you might ask? 1. The durability. The Kindle is cheap, durable, and not something… Continue reading

New Direction for Burger King

This week it was announced the “King” from Burger King (you know- the creepy one you’d wake up next to in bed) was cut from the advertising direction for Burger King. It’s a… Continue reading

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