Update on McDonald’s #Lunchtime Promoted Trend on Twitter

Well, it looks like McDonald’s didn’t run into too much problems with their #Lunchtime promoted trend on Twitter today. Discussion around the #Lunchtime hashtag generally revolved around teens talking about lunchtime in their schools, something that I’m sure wasn’t necessarily in McDonald’s hope for the hashtag.

It just goes to show you that promoted trend hashtags can be unpredictable. They provide great engagement with consumers, but businesses still must be wary about how they help them reach their objectives. McDonald’s likely saw great overall performance from the ad due to the #Lunchtime hashtag’s relevance to almost anyone. Though they reached a lot of teens, they also reached adults, especially those getting ready for lunch, checking their Twitter, seeing the trend, and considering McDonald’s for their lunch.  They chose a great hashtag, something that McDonald’s missed with their previous #McDStories. While there were a few non-positive tweets on the #Lunchtime hashtag, overall, Twitter users behaved themselves.

-Bryan Nagy