Helloooo out there….The New Google+ iOS App

Google+ has revamped their Apple iOS app, and reviews are surprisingly positive. The new app features a clean, streamlined design fit to make any app developer weak in the knees. Google+ truly takes on the latest trend  in social media -images- to new heights. Like Pinterest and the Facebook Timeline, the app centers its content around photographs, which provide a striking contrast to the dark grey interface of the app.

As users enter the app, they’re taken to main menu which offers them access to their stream (the newsfeed in Google+), their profile, messages, photos, circles (where their friends are located), and their notifications.

The modern style of the new Google+ app is highlighted best in the new stream, where content and images are tied together to create an eye-catching and pleasurable experience. It reminds me a lot of Flipboard, and I can almost bet you that this is where Google+ got some of the inspiration for their new app.

Though the new Google+ app is simply stunning, the bigger question still remains as to the overall use of the social network itself. Google has still struggled to create an identity for the Google+ social network, and until the network will never take off, no matter how captivating their apps are. Google claims the users of Google+ are increasing exponentially, but I would be very interested to see what they consider an active user. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a news release about the explosion of Google+ users over the next few weeks as people check out the new app, only to go on with their lives using other social networks. The problem is there are just too many social networks out there, and without a special purpose, Google+ can’t survive expect for the fact that it’s owned by Google.

-Bryan Nagy