Cool Facebook Marketing Integration

The possibilities of incorporating social media into marketing campaigns is nearly endless. Brazil retailer C&A Brasil provides a great example of a business making social media an integral part of their marketing strategy. C&A Brasil has actually tied digital social media into their brick and mortar stores to create an interactive, engaging, and consumer-positive brand experience.

At the heart of their social media marketing campaign is the C&A Brasil Facebook page. With  nearly 300,000 “likes”, the brand has a tremendous reach on Facebook. Taking advantage of this reach, C&A Brasil created a unique Facebook campaign around a special collection of clothes. Facebook users could “like” an item in the collection. The special collection, featured in their flagship stores, were displayed on special hangers with digital counters connected to the posts on Facebook. As soon as someone from Facebook “liked” the posted style, the digital counter on that style’s hanger increased its “like” count.

This interesting campaign allowed shoppers to help make decisions about what fashions to purchase. It was especially helpful for people buying gifts, in particular men. It’s just one great example of a brand using social media in creative and engaging ways

-Bryan Nagy