How Billboards Can Draw Attention

While I focus myself primarily in the digital space, I can’t help but admire some great traditional media advertisers have put out. A few weeks ago a set of billboards drew nation-wide attention from it’s very surprising (and some say offensive) publicity stunt.

Motorists in Nevada were surprised a few weeks ago when they drove past two billboards which had dummies dangling from the signs from rope wrapped around their necks. Ominous text on the signs read “Hope you’re Happy Wall St” and “Dying for work”.

The billboards are likely a publicity stunt from an area organization who is against the 1% of Americans commonly referred to when discussion economics in politics. The media company who owns the billboards claim they don’t know who put the billboards out, and that they did not rent the space to any organizations. But who knows. The company very well could have known the media attention they’d be receiving.

What do we get out of the mess? A great (although depressing) creative advertisement. If only we knew the organization who helped make it happen.




– Bryan Nagy