Facebook Gifts Market for the Holidays

Just over two weeks ago I posted about Facebook Gifts, a new offering from the top social network Facebook. Facebook Gifts allow users to purchase gifts online for one another directly through Facebook. Facebook had previously tried offering e-commerce sites through retailers such as Nordstrom, but these efforts fell through. This is the first time Facebook has ventured into online retail since then.

When first announced, Facebook Gifts did not offer products specifically for the holidays. This was a bit strange consider the holiday season was already upon us and consumers were cashing in on sales both in stores and online.

Finally, with just days to spare, Facebook released holiday-related products for gifts, as well as holiday related cards.

Facebook Gifts Holidays Whoopie PiesSocial Media Bryan Nagy

After choosing a gift, users pick out an online card to send to the receiver, and this is where the holiday cards can be found.

Facebook Gifts Holiday Cards Social Media Bryan Nagy

The announcement of these gifts was great news for businesses hoping to get their products out to more people. Businesses can fill out a form to be considered a retailer in Facebook Gifts.

Finding yourself a last-minute shopper? Check out Facebook Gifts today and try it out. Facebook is even taking a chance on last-minute shoppers, posting a reminder about Facebook Gifts at the top of users’ newsfeeds.

Facebook Gifts Holidays Social Media Bryan Nagy

-Bryan Nagy