New Twitter Ads to Launch

Well folks, the wait for Twitter to launch its advertising API may soon be over. This week the internet was buzzing with word from TechCrunch that Twitter is making plans to launch the API this quarter.

The move would be the first major change to Twitter advertising since its Promoted advertising products were released nearly two years ago. Currently Twitter only offers three forms of ads: Promoted Trends, Promoted Tweets, and Promoted Accounts. All ad units are text only.

It is rumored the launch of the Twitter API will mean new ad formats. Many are claiming these ad products will be very different from Twitter’s current Promoted offer. There’s even a possibly  they may resemble online banner ads. It is also very likely we will see a redesign of Twitter to allow for new advertising spaces.

This is a smart move by Twitter. Users get too used to ads and become “blind” to them, so a shakeup is necessary. I would like to see some ad units that are more image-heavy, such as units that pull a brand’s tweeted photos into an ad slot or the opportunity to skin the homepage. We can all dream!

The release of the API will also allow new partners to plug into Twitter’s ad offers, meaning we may see a slew of new startups form. Media planners beware!

What type of ads would you like to see from Twitter?

-Bryan Nagy