Case Study: The Home Depot Releases “#LetsDoThis” Campaign

With the coming of the fall season, Home Depot released the “Let’s do this” campaign to motivate homeowners to take on do-it-yourself projects around their homes. To drive home the message, The Home Depot needed something to tie the message together. What one item could represent the projects homeowners have? The answer: a bucket. Knowing the high awareness consumers have of their orange bucket, The Home Depot made the bucket the center of the “Let’s do this” campaign.

Screen shot 2013-09-13 at 6.15.54 PM

#LetsDoThis uses Tumblr to drive consumer engagement.

The campaign itself centers around Tumblr. Consumers are asked to take photos of the ways they use the orange bucket in their everyday life. These photos are then shared on Tumblr using the hashtag #LetsDoThis. Entires that The Home Depot deems as the most interesting are shared with followers of the The Home Depot Tumblr page. Additionally, other digital media outlets drive to the campaign page, such as Facebook, Twitter, and, meaning many of these entries are also posted on these sites.

The Home Depot Tumblr page will post entries deemed most interesting.

-Bryan Nagy