Google+ : A Breath of Fresh Air

If you haven’t yet heard, Google has decided to yet again take on Facebook, creating its own social media network. The network, called “Google+”, is a fun, different way to approach social media. At a time when many users are suffering from Facebook boredom (see the numbers that were released showing decreasing Facebook users), Google sparks new life into how people interact online. Make a friend circle (there’s no denying we all have our own separate circles of friends: the friend we work with, the friends we went to school with, the friends we see Friday nights). Find something you really like on the internet without even having to search for it. Join a friend who is doing something you love.

The functionalities of Google+ will likely increase over the next few weeks as the trial is put into a full release. If you’re one of the lucky few who received an invitation and are a part of the test, then you are just that- lucky! To me, Facebook is the “Windows” of social media and Google+ has the possibility to be the “Mac”. It’s cool. It’s different. And for now, it’s not boring.

-Bryan Nagy

Learn more about Google+ here: