Google+ Means Plus

Well, I finally go the opportunity to use Google+! I have been invited and have set up my profile, added a few friends to my circles, and started learning about the Sparks – which I really like. One of my favorite things about Google+ is that it is more interactive than Facebook- meaning simply, I like that you can drag things (such as dragging your friends into a friendship circle) and I like the way your photo albums “pop” out. In my first day of using the new social media tool, I like Google+ and the amenities it brings that Facebook and Twitter don’t. I am also relieved -and this is why I like Twitter a lot- that I don’t have hundreds of friends on it, which makes it feel like I am starting fresh!

Overall pros and cons of the new Google+

– Friendship circles (easier to understand privacy settings)
– Interaction (dragging ability)
– Sparks (for news!)
– Clean design

– Wish you could preview your profile (security)
– Hard to search and find people (I’m sure this is just because it’s in the testing phase)
– Profile and newsfeed is a bit too much like Facebook

Overal, I’m loving Google+, and can’t wait to see how it works as I learn more!

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