Err…Not Really FedEx. FedEx Launches Strange Ad Campaign

FedEx has launched a rather strange advertising campaign around a marketing push towards a greener brand image. I was alerted by the new campaign from a Facebook advertisement by FedEx on the Facebook homepage. The ad, a premium page post ad, asked me whether or not I’ve ever wondered what a tree would look like with my face on it.

Err…huh? I hate to burst your bubble FedEx, but I’m not sure anyone has ever wondered this.

The strange advertisement got me to click on the link, sending me to a Facebook app created by FedEx called the “FedEx Enchanted Forest”. The app takes you through an animated movie of an enchanted forest, with jolly, happy music playing. When you arrive at your destination, you land in front of some animals, a fairy, and -yes, you guessed it- a tree with a face on it.

The app was built to support EarthSmart, FedEx’s marketing effort to showcase their work to help rebuild forests. From the app, you can learn about deforestation, how FedEx is helping, and, of course,  make a tree a with your face on it. Below is mine. Not creepy in the least bit.

The great part about this app is that for every tree made by a Facebook user, FedEx will donate a tree on the user’s behalf to the Arbor Day Foundation in an effort to help reforestation efforts. Still, it’s quite a strange campaign, but it did get me talking.

So, have you ever wondered what a tree looks like with your face on it? I won’t judge you if you have. Check it out here.

-Bryan Nagy