Marketing Spotlight – Burberry Continues its Twitter Marketing with #thanksamillion

This past February Burberry integrated heavily with Twitter during London’s fashion week, releasing previews of its new collection via animated gifs on Twitter before models even walked down the runways in it. The exclusive content Burberry offered its followers generated much buzz for the brand and increased overall brand sentiment.

In a similar move this week, Burberry continued its work with Twitter by promoting the hashtag #thanksamillion from one of their promoted tweets. The hashtag, #thanksamillion, was used to celebrate Burberry’s 1 millionth follower on Twitter. As a celebration, any follower who tweeted Burberry to congratulate them or tweeted with the #thanksamillion hashtag was sent a personalized gif image thanking them.

Though the gif is a small thank you from Burberry, it still was very well received from Burberry’s followers. Simply being tweeted to from such an iconic brand made many followers feel special, and the take away of a personalized animated gif was the cherry on top.

This example from Burberry shows how brands can do great things on Twitter and really use the social network for what it was meant to be used for: to connect with people on a personal level. Consumers want to interact and engage with brands. They want to feel like a part of something big. When brands include them in tweets, or provide them with exclusive content,  it makes them feel like they are being appreciated and heard.

This is why the brands seeing the most success on Twitter are those that are being engaging and really removing that line between brand and consumer. It is about giving your brand a voice and letting your consumers be a part of that voice. Though it might seem like something little, a simple 140 character or less reply to a consumer can really enhance the way they feel about the brand and help create a long-lasting customer.

– Bryan Nagy