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Marketing Spotlight – Mike and Ike Split

When you think of candy, you probably think of the big-name candy bar brands that spend millions of dollars a year on marketing campaigns. I think of Milky Way, Reese’s, 3 Musketeers, and… Continue reading

Facebook Ad Engagement Down 8%, But Don’t Fret

According to a Q1 study by ad agency TBG Digital, Facebook ad engagement is down 8% from Q4 of 2011. The number comes as a surprise to many after the large Facebook conference held… Continue reading

Social Media Mistakes – What NOT to Say

This morning I posted an article on mistakes businesses have made by neglecting to make their social media presence social and making their posts much too corporate. I mentioned that many executives get… Continue reading

Facebook Timeline Reveals new Insights for Businesses

The push for all pages to have the new Facebook Timeline on April 1st brought a surprising change in the information Facebook shared about pages to all Facebook users. The new Facebook Timeline… Continue reading

“Study” Finds Facebook Timeline Increases Brand Engagement – or Does it?

I ran across an interesting study on Mashable that claims the new Facebook Timeline for Pages provides a 46% brand lift in engagement. The study was performed by a research firm called Simply… Continue reading

Facebook Introduces Interest Lists

Facebook has quietly begun testing a new feature called interest lists. Similar to what you can find on Twitter, users will be able to bucket different pages and profiles into separate lists, such… Continue reading

Facebook Announces New Brand Timelines

Yesterday was a big day in the social media world. Facebook announced brand pages would be taking on a design change, moving from their current profiles to new Timeline profiles like the ones… Continue reading

Facebook’s Problem with Big Advertisers

Though Facebook has won the battle for being the largest social networking site, they’re still battling for revenue made from advertising like many social networking sites (remember the talk of YouTube when it… Continue reading

Facebook to Launch Mobile Ads

Facebook announced plans this week to launch ads in its mobile apps, a first since its entrance into the mobile space. According to a Financial Times report, these mobile ads on Facebook will be… Continue reading

Sponsored Stories in Real-Time Ticker

Well, as reported by Mashable this morning, Facebook will now be posting Sponsored Stories ads in the real-time ticker. This is exciting news, as in my experience, Sponsored Stories perform much better than… Continue reading

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