The Curse of the Non-Digital

Yet again another “non-digital” company is taking a hit, and this time it’s beloved company Kodak. Since its beginnings in the late 1800s, Kodak has been an American staple, but it has announced that it will be filing for bankruptcy.

Though the company made its move to digital cameras years ago, it had one downfall: the smartphone.

Nowadays, a majority of people don’t carry around a digital camera with them- they carry their cell phones. Their cell phones offer great quality pictures and the convenience of an easy-to-carry, always-with-you device.

What could Kodak done to capture this change?

– work with cell phone developers to become their camera of choice
– offer cell phone owners to “upgrade” the camera on their phone
– created great photo-editing apps
– offer easy online storing and sharing
– partner with big-name social media and blogging companies

Though the margins on these are likely small, perhaps they would have generated bigger ideas. One of the biggest downfalls for a lot of companies battling bankruptcy right now is their inability and unwillingness to change.

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-Bryan Nagy