Now this is Creative!

I tweeted this a little bit ago, but I just had to write something about it.

We’re surely in a day of information overload, especially when it comes to advertising. With the addition of social media, sponsored blogs, product placements, and fake magazine articles, I think many of us are becoming immune to advertising. Not reading a magazine lately? Perhaps it’s not only because digital media has replaced it, but it’s also likely that it’s because any article you see (“things we love”, “this will change your life”) was written solely because an advertiser got the magazine to create and publish an article about them.

Anyway- going off top here a bit, but I wanted you to get my point. With so many advertisements around us, we no longer take notice of them. But this one that I saw in Ad Age got my attention.

A South African hamburger chain got extremely creative. The chain is visually-impared friendly, offering those with sight challenges menus in braille. To promote this aspect of their business, they took different kinds of burgers and wrote what was in them on top of the bun- in sesame seeds. It then filmed 15 people reading the “braille” to get their reactions.

This idea just seems so innovative to me and really gets me excited about what marketing is all about!

Read about it below: