Great Pinterest Tools for Users and Businesses

Well, it was only a matter of time until start-up tools developed around Pinterest, and today I’ll take a look at them. Pinterest is a great social media tool, and with new tools like Pin a Quote, PinReach, Pinerly, and are great ways for brands and businesses to get stronger results and return on investment with Pinterest.

Pin A Quote

Pin A Quote allows users to take text they find online and pin it. Users must download the tool to their browser. Once you find text you want to pin, highlight it, and click the “Pin A Quote” button that you placed on your browser. This will then generate the text as a pin, and users will see a preview of the formatted text. Once you like what you see, press the “Pin it” button on the page, and the pin will be pinned to whatever board you want.


PinReach is a great tool that gives users influence and analytical statistics. Think of it as a Klout for Pinterest!

Users must login with their Pinterest account, and then they are taken to graphs and other statistics on their Pinterest profile. This includes charts of the different interactions with your boards, a graph of your influence history, A pictorial view of your top pins, and a list of your most influential followers. Yes, I need to increase my score!


Pinerly is a great tool that lets you schedule pins to be published. It’s similar to something like a HootSuite for Twitter. Users can also see stats on each of their pins to see what ones their followers are responding to most.

I must note: the tool is currently invite only and they take into account if you’ve invited others to join. Worry not- this won’t last long.

Got a site that has images you can’t link to or a photo without a url? Use to make it happen. Url2pin turns photos from sites into urls or lets you upload photos from your computer and turn them into a pin-able url. This works especially well if you want a screenshot of a site or have photos you want to share with others.

Check out these great tools to help increase your presence on Pinterest., Pinerly, PinReach, and Pin a Quote are all great ways for businesses and big brands to see increased success on the popular social media tool Pinterest.

Happy pinning!

-Bryan Nagy