Hugo Boss Creates a Contest Using Social Media Site Pinterest

This year, Hugo Boss has been very active in the social media. In April, Hugo Boss launched an integrated social media marketing campaign using 3D images across multiple social media sites, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The campaign promoted  their Boss Black Fall/Winter 2012 line, which was launched May 18th in Beijing via live stream 3D video.

Now, Hugo Boss is holding a contest on Pinterest to promote their Hugo Spring/Summer 2013 line in Berlin. The contest, called “Repin & Win”, allows users to win items that Hugo Boss pins on their “Repin & Win” board on Pinterest. To win, all a user must do is follow Hugo Boss and repin the item they wish to win from the “Repin & Win” board. At the end of the contest, winners will be contacted via the Facebook or Twitter account linked to their Pinterest account. The rules do not state how the winners are chosen.

The “Repin & Win” campaign from Hugo Boss is a great example of how a brand is using Pinterest to market their products. For one, it requires users to follow Hugo Boss on Pinterest. Once a user follows Hugo Boss, all of the items Hugo Boss pins (including products linking directly to their e-commerce site) will be displayed in the user’s feed on Pinterest. This increases the exposure Hugo Boss has and therefore increases the chances for a sale. Secondly, since the contest requires users to repin the products they want to win, Hugo Boss gains additional exposure. Once a user repins a Hugo Boss pin, this pin is displayed to all of the users that follow this user on Pinterest. These users might see this pin and visit They may even repin or like the product on Pinterest, meaning that their followers on Pinterest will see this Hugo Boss pin.


The campaign is promoted via other social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

-Bryan Nagy