MARKETING SPOTLIGHT: Nordstrom Embraces the new Facebook Exchange

I posted a few months ago about Nordstrom using creepily smart pixeling and ad serving technology to display incredibly relevant ads to users. For me, Nordstrom knew what items I had pinned from their website on to Pinterest, and then displayed ads across the internet with only these products in them. Pixeling technology has been around for a while, but the smart ad serving and creative thought behind it hasn’t.

Well, Nordstrom is at it again, and this time it’s on Facebook. It appears Nordstrom has become one of the first brands to use the new Facebook Exchange. Facebook Exchange allows brands to target users on Facebook with data segments and pixeling through DSPs. This technology is  used across the internet, but is the first time it has been offered on Facebook.

What has this allowed Nordstrom to do? Pixel users. Display smart ads. Be creepy.

Yet again, Nordstrom has been pixeling my Pinterest activity. A few days ago, I pinned two items from the Nordstrom website, and guess what? All of the ads I’m seeing from Nordstrom on Facebook promote these products. Below is one of the ads that is displaying for me.

What’s very interesting about the ad is it not only displays the image of the product I pinned, but it displays copy speaking to the specific product and it links to the product’s page on Nordstrom.

The technology is a very exciting way for marketers to help advertise their brands and increase sales. Obviously I liked the product that I pinned from Nordstrom. Now that I’m reminded of it on Facebook, I can click directly on the ad and purchase the product. It’s a smart tactic being undertaken by Nordstrom, and I am sure they are seeing amazing results from it.

What I would like to know is who Nordstrom’s AOR is. Whoever it is is doing something right.

– Bryan Nagy

Disclaimer: This article does not represent my opinion towards the agency that represents Nordstorm, nor the agencies that do not represent Nordstrom.