Social Traveling. Next step: Social Flying. Take the Survey!

I’ve written in the past about social traveling being the next big thing. Sites like Gtrot and Tripomatic take travel planning into social media, allowing users to see where their friends have been, what they recommend, and what others suggest. Now, a company called SeatID hopes to take this into flying.

SeatID offers users the ability to sit near people they might have similar interests with. How does it work? The site gains access to a user’s social media likes and interests. When a user begins reserving a flight, the site recommends seats for the user based on other users with similar interests who have booked the flight.

The result? No longer sitting next to that person you wish you weren’t. Instead, it becomes a great networking opportunity, and your flight becomes more enjoyable.

Think you are interested in the tool? SeatID is running a survey to see who is interested in the tool and why. I’m sure there are a lot of you out there that travel for business, so in the name of marketing, take the survey!

Take the survey here:


Image courtesy SeatID.