Windows Releases Pinterest Contest

Contrary to the preconceived notions of many, Pinterest isn’t just about clothing, cooking, and weddings. If users spent a little bit of time to explore the site and connect with users who pin items they like, they would learn Pinterest covers pretty much anything (even cars and sports for men- go figure!).

The same holds true for brands on Pinterest. A quick glance on the site may make you think only fashion designers and home decor brands are using the site, but this isn’t true. Countless other business use the site to help connect with their customers.

Windows is one such business. Though its 5,000 Pinterest followers pale in comparison to its ten million on Facebook, the fact that Pinterest followers are organic has lead to increasing activity on its Pinterest page. (A majority of the followers on Facebook were generated through paid advertising; Pinterest does not yet offer this to brands.) Windows has accumulated over thirty boards and more than 600 pins on Pinterest.

Windows on Pinterest

Windows on Pinterest

The activity doesn’t stop there. In an effort to leverage its small follower base on Pinterest, Windows has launched several Pinterest contests. It’s latest ones were launched at the end of January. The first Windows Pinterest contest asks users to take photos of themselves using Windows 8 in a setting that inspires them. To enter, the user pins their photo, tags Windows in the post, and repins the contest image. The winner receives a Windows 8 PC. The contest is, unfortunately, only for users who attended the Windows Alt Summit in Salt Lake City. The contest can be found on the first board of Windows’ Pinterest page titled (so creatively) “Pinterest Contest”.

Windows Pinterest Contest Bryan Nagy

Those who weren’t lucky enough to attend the Windows Alt Summit were able to enter the Windows “Perfect Office Pinterest Contest.” To do so, users just had to repin the below contest image, one of the three products Windows had already pinned to the contest, and another item users wanted in their dream office. Once the board was submitted, the winner received a Windows mouse, keyboard, and webcam.

The Perfect Office Windows Pinterest Contest

The Windows Pinterest contests symbolizes that not only clothing companies can succeed on Pinterest. As brands get more traction on Pinterest and support through paid advertising opportunities on Pinterest, we will see more exposure to brands like this. Given the large user base on Pinterest, it will be essential for brands to create this social networking site a part of their digital marketing plans.

– Bryan Nagy