Global Detroit Companies

Looking for global Detroit companies. List of ones I recognize thus far: Eaton, Skanska, Inteva, Federal Mogul, Meritor, Con-way, TI Automotive, Altair, Borg Warner, Bosch, Takata, Fanuc, Valeo, Cobasys, and Magna Powertrain. Any… Continue reading

Gentlemint- the Pinterest for Men

Well, I feel like I am reliving Google+ days with all of these invite-only social sites, but after about two weeks of waiting to get invited to Gentlemint, my invitation finally came! Gentlement… Continue reading

Twitter Self-Service Ads and Small Businesses

Changes in social networking advertising has been a hot topic these past few weeks, and just a few days ago, Twitter became a part of these topics. Twitter has announced its plans to… Continue reading

Facebook’s Problem with Big Advertisers

Though Facebook has won the battle for being the largest social networking site, they’re still battling for revenue made from advertising like many social networking sites (remember the talk of YouTube when it… Continue reading

Burberry uses Twitter and Pinterest to Debut New Collection

Burberry is quickly becoming a great example of a brand using social media well. This week, in connection with London’s fashion week, Burberry released previews of its new collection via animated gifs on… Continue reading

A Preview of the Week Ahead

This week: – Facebook and it’s problem with big brand advertising – Twitter’s support for small businesses – Best practices and brands using Twitter – Big brand uses Twitter to release new products… Continue reading

Marketing Spotlight – Trying to go Viral (and Failing) – Delta

So, going through my editorial plans, I’ve decided to create a weekly “Marketing Spotlight” entry. These entries will vary from good to bad uses of marketing strategy, and kicking off the section will… Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Fire Update

The tablet released late last year that promised to take over the tablet market is already making a splash in the industry. The Kindle Fire, Amazon’s entry into the tablet industry after years… Continue reading

Pinterest – What it is and Best Practices

Unless you’ve been away from the internet or not in contact with any woman, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Pinterest. Over the last few months, traffic has surged to the site, with January 2012… Continue reading

Hot Mobile Apps for your iPhone

To me, there’s nothing better than a smartphone. Though I love the digital world on my computer, there is only so much time I can spend sitting in front of it. The size… Continue reading

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