Google+ : A Breath of Fresh Air

If you haven’t yet heard, Google has decided to yet again take on Facebook, creating its own social media network. The network, called “Google+”, is a fun, different way to approach social media.… Continue reading

The Twitter Stock Market

There’s something very interesting offered by Twitter, and it’s right in front of our eyes. The other day I was thinking about the opportunity Twitter offers to marketing. Every minute -every second really-… Continue reading

Cannes Awards

It’s been a few weeks since the Cannes Awards took place, and they were something I’ve been looking forward to all year. There’s just something that’s very exciting about seeing the brightest and… Continue reading

Facebook Losing Members

It came as a top story in the marketing world: Facebook was losing members in the very regions where Facebook began. Numbers show that Facebook lost nearly 6 million members in the US… Continue reading

The Social Shopper

Well, it looks like the way we shop will change once more. Anyone else remember back when they actually had to go into a store to see the prices of things? When catalogs… Continue reading


After taking part in a social media conference, I’ve realized how much I enjoy social media, and why I went into marketing. Marketers really can change the world, and there is a revolution… Continue reading

Mobile Marketing

How Google is helping to morph marketing with its location-based advertising for smart phones.

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