A Preview of the Week Ahead

Google’s Personalized Search Results

A few weeks ago, I first discussed Google’s move to personalize user’s search results to include social search results within the web search results users have seen since the release of Google search… Continue reading

Facebook to Launch Mobile Ads

Facebook announced plans this week to launch ads in its mobile apps, a first since its entrance into the mobile space.¬†According to a Financial Times report, these mobile ads on Facebook will be… Continue reading

The Results are in…the top Super Bowl Ads

Drum roll please… After about 24 hours from the Super Bowl (I had to let the magnificence of the game and the ads settle in), I’m happy to announce who I believe were… Continue reading

Countdown to Super Bowl Ads – Preview

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the Super Bowl Ads premiering tonight. This one is Toyota’s ¬†“Reinvented” 2012 Super Bowl commercial. Toyota Super Bowl Preview -Bryan Nagy

A Preview of the Week Ahead

Lets take a look at some of the exciting marketing things I’ll be pondering this week. First off, I’ll take a look at the reaction to the new JCPenney pricing and marketing strategy.… Continue reading

Last Day

Well, the last day for the A&F adult and kids store at the Village of Rochester Hills was yesterday. I hate to see it happen, since the Village is like a second home… Continue reading

Google Continues Trying to Integrate Social with Search

Well, it appears Google is still at it, trying to take over the search and social world by integrating Google+ even further into Google Search. For some people, when logged into their Google… Continue reading

Apple Mini-Stores in Target?

Well, Apple is confirming rumors that it would be putting mini-stores in 25 Target locations. The move seems a bit out of Apple’s comfort zone after it had declined to put locations in… Continue reading

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