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A Preview of the Week Ahead

Lets take a look at some of the exciting marketing things I’ll be pondering this week. First off, I’ll take a look at the reaction to the new JCPenney pricing and marketing strategy.… Continue reading

Last Day

Well, the last day for the A&F adult and kids store at the Village of Rochester Hills was yesterday. I hate to see it happen, since the Village is like a second home… Continue reading

Google Continues Trying to Integrate Social with Search

Well, it appears Google is still at it, trying to take over the search and social world by integrating Google+ even further into Google Search. For some people, when logged into their Google… Continue reading

Apple Mini-Stores in Target?

Well, Apple is confirming rumors that it would be putting mini-stores in 25 Target locations. The move seems a bit out of Apple’s comfort zone after it had declined to put locations in… Continue reading

Google Search, plus Your World

I found an article this morning about the new integration Google search has with its Google + product. Essentially, Google search is now tied content on its Google + product (you can read… Continue reading

Now this is Creative!

I tweeted this a little bit ago, but I just had to write something about it. We’re surely in a day of information overload, especially when it comes to advertising. With the addition… Continue reading

The Curse of the Non-Digital

Yet again another “non-digital” company is taking a hit, and this time it’s beloved company Kodak. Since its beginnings in the late 1800s, Kodak has been an American staple, but it has announced… Continue reading

Here’s to a New Year

On this New Year’s Eve, I’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year. To another great year! -Bryan Nagy

Sponsored Stories in Real-Time Ticker

Well, as reported by Mashable this morning, Facebook will now be posting Sponsored Stories ads in the real-time ticker. This is exciting news, as in my experience, Sponsored Stories perform much better than… Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Touch with Special Offers

I’ve been doing some research on eReaders, and I’ve finally decided to go with an Amazon Kindle Touch. Why you might ask? 1. The durability. The Kindle is cheap, durable, and not something… Continue reading

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