eBay Joins Ranks of Brands Making Mistakes on Twitter

Advertisers and brands can’t seem to get enough of Promoted Tweets on Twitter. They also can’t seem to do them right. Brands (and their agencies) seem to forget that Twitter is a dynamic… Continue reading

Why Facebook is Ruining its own Marketing Capabilities

Since the controversial release of its IPO, Facebook has made news headlines weekly. Questions of its ability to make revenue, the release of additional shares, and the call for Mark Zuckerberg to leave… Continue reading

Promoted Trend Done Right – #CelebrateMJ

Promoted trends on Twitter are one form of the social network’s advertising offerings. However, time and time again brands test out this social media marketing with failure, generating negative engagements with users and… Continue reading

MARKETING SPOTLIGHT – Club Monaco Joins the Pinterest Contest Bandwagon

Pinterest “Pin to Win” contests are extremely popular with brands right now, in particular retail and home goods brands. The typical “Pin to Win” contest involves a brand creating a specially dedicated board… Continue reading

What the LinkedIn Profile Redesign Means

After making striking design changes to the LinkedIn homepage earlier this month, LinkedIn has confirmed it is rolling out new design for its users’ profiles. The new design will mimic the cleaner, more… Continue reading

Facebook Location-Based ads are Creepy

A few months ago Facebook announced they would be releasing location-based ads on their mobile apps, and it looks like these ads have now gone live. This week I was in Chicago, and… Continue reading

J.Crew targets “J.Crew-aholics”

J.Crew has released a new cheeky advertising campaign, targeting lovers of the brand that they call “J.Crew-aholics.” The campaign  uses humor and a bit of creativity to speak to those who appreciate the… Continue reading


Originally posted on Social Media is the New Pink:
Recently, Nike is making headlines on Twitter.  And it’s not just for their amazing Olympic commercial, it’s for a personal project kickstarted by Matthew…

NIVEA Launches Interactive Facebook Campaign

NIVEA is the latest brand to explore the many capabilities of Facebook. The brand has launched an integrated marketing campaign on the social networking site, using a Facebook app and Facebook ads as… Continue reading


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